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I am getting very upset and distressed recently for several reasons connected with the animal welfare. And I seriously do not know what to do and who to ask for help and a piece of advice. Maybe I am just too emotional, I do not know....Or maybe I am one of the few who cares but nobody else does. But still I can do nothing
Basically, the first reason for me being distressed is the news about the Zoo in Vitebsk where I used to volunteer for a couple of years. 4 years ago there was launched a project of building the new 80 Ha territory for the Zoo with modern conveniences, so to say. The current Zoo is slap bang in the city centre, on the territory of 1Ha of land and hosting more than 1000 species of animals. Well, needless to say, that in 4 years nothing has changed and the building is frozen -due to the lack of financial contributions. Meanwhile, the Zoo which is unable to create proper conditions for animals....keeps buying more and more of them!!!!! I used to have lots of respect for people working there, but I have none at all now! It could be clear if they were trying to add some small mammals and birds and reptiles, at least they can host them and create more or less adequate conditions for them. But since I had left 3 years ago the new BIG purchases for the "collection" were: a European Bison, a Moose, one more African lion, couple of deer, 2 Llamas, a European Lynx, a Nilgau antelope, a Brown Bear (given away by a circus) and a recent one - a Jaguar ( who was also given to them by a circus - they were unable to train him, f...g sadist bastards!!!!!)... I can not even imagine which kind of Cage-and-Crate Tetris it is there now..... Because there are no enclosures that can  be called properly maintained ones. There is no enrichment in the enclosures either, which is no good for animals. Plus every visitor has a perfect opportunity to interfere with an animal, to throw something at it and nobody will be bothered. As a matter of interest, the horse which I used to work with there has recently recovered after a long disease, possibly caused by the fact that since I had left, nobody came nowhere near it and trained it regularly. So how can people talk about the educational value in such places - I do not know. 
I seriously was trying to help - I specially contacted the company responsible for the building of a new territory with questions how can ordinary people help funding it by means of charity donations. They gave me some doubtful account numbers, which belong to some individual businessmen whom I would not trust. But anyway I was trying to raise the awareness of the public in social networks,on Belarusian public forums and zoo-related sites. I contacted the city council with suggestions to organize governmentally approved charity donation points for the building of the zoo - of course, no proper response from them was given back. And the worst thing - the main problem of the country is that there is NO law which protects animals from cruelty, and no organisations or laws which protect the rights of wild and captive animals. There are plans to introduce the law, but when it will happen nobody knows.....

P.S. Yesterday there started the tour of the Belarusian mobile circus "Dziva" (… in the city of Vitebsk. This circus uses animals in their show, including three Asian elephants. I saw a report in the local news yesterday that whilst the staff were assembling the circus site the elephants were let ramble freely and communicating with the nosy public. No barriers or health and safety precautions. Fun for those who do not know how dangerous it can really be. And fun for those, who has not yet realised, how insanely cruel it is to have animals in circuses......


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Everyone should make up his own mind.

Place of birth: Vitebsk,Belarus
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Zoo Animal Care and Welfare diploma - one of the recent additions to me knowledge collection... And I really hope it will be useful...



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